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Australia winter 2024 financial updates

Winter 2024 Financial Year

With Winter now officially underway, some might be heading north to warm up and others may lean into the cold on the snowfields. Whichever you choose, don’t forget the approaching end of financial year. A slight increase in the Consumer Price Index last month, to 3.6% from 3.5% in March, has led some economists to […]

Federal Budget 2024-25 Analysis

Federal Budget 2024-25 Analysis

What does the Federal Budget mean for me? Treasurer Jim Chalmers has high hopes that his 2024 Federal Budget will rein in inflation earlier than expected, ease cost-of-living pressures and build a stronger economy in the future. It’s a Budget for the here and now, he says, but also for the decades to come. More […]

Managing risk when growing your business

Managing Risk When Growing Your Business

It’s a risky business being in business for yourself, so knowing how to identify and manage risk is an important part of running a thriving business. Anything that impedes a company’s ability to achieve its financial goals is considered a risk, and there are many issues that have the potential to derail a successful business. […]

The art of refinancing

The Art of Refinancing

Refinancing your home loan has the potential to save you thousands, reduce your monthly repayments and free up your finances to achieve your goals. However, mastering the art of refinancing requires strategic planning, an understanding of the process and taking numerous considerations into account. Whether you plan on external or internal refinancing, here’s what to […]

What’s All The Noise About Loud Budgeting?

What’s All The Noise About Loud Budgeting?

As winter approaches and the weather grows cooler, commentary around the 2024-25 Federal Budget is heating up, with the government facing the tension between addressing cost of living pressures without contributing to rising inflation. The cost of living continues to bite with consumers keeping their wallets firmly closed. Retail sales fell 0.4% in March after […]

New Increased Super Contribution Caps

New Increased Super Contribution Caps

As the end of financial year gets closer, some investors are thinking about the most effective ways to boost their super balance, particularly with an increase in the caps on contributions from 1 July. The concessional contributions cap, which is the maximum in before-tax contributions you can add to your super each year without paying […]

Financial Updates Autumn 2024

Financial Updates Autumn 2024

After a summer of quite extreme weather in many places around Australia, we can hopefully look forward to the cooler, calmer weather that Autumn brings. While economic bright spots can be found in Australia right now, there are also some less than stellar results. On the positive, inflation has remained at a two-year low giving […]

Investing mistakes to avoid

Investing Mistakes to Avoid

Investing successfully and improving your investment portfolio can be as much about minimising mistakes as trying to pick the ‘next big thing’. It’s all about taking a calm and considered approach and not blindly following trends or hot tips. Let’s delve into some of the most prevalent investment mistakes and look at the principles that […]

financial update January 2024

Financial Updates January 2024

January 2024 There is a lot to look forward to in 2024 and we would like to wish you good health, happiness and prosperity for the year ahead. There were some welcome positives to be found in 2023. The year ended on a good note for property investors in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane where house […]

summer 2023 financial tips

Financial Tips Summer 2023

It’s December – the month that always seem to race by as we approach the end of the year and all the festivities it brings. We hope you all have a lovely, happy, and safe festive season. On the economic news front, there was some good news. Consumer prices eased by more than expected in […]

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