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Robburns Financial Services in Baldivis helps you with your unique financial planning needs and circumstances. Our director, Ann Bayliss, has been working in the financial services industry for more than 30 years and has a strong knowledge and experience in superannuation, retirement planning, aged care, and Centrelink products and services.

Ann prides herself on building excellent relationships with her clients and developing and implementing strategies that help them achieve their financial goals, so they enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. She just wants to teach, encourage and support them and see them smile and be happy! In her spare time, she likes spending quality time with her partner and daughter.

Ann is also a member of the Association of Financial Advisers and the Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce.

Who We Help

Ann is devoted to assisting you with all your financial planning matters if you’re…

  • struggling with debt repayments and living expenses and don’t seem to be getting ahead
  • unsure about the best option to create wealth—whether you should invest your money, pay off your debts or contribute to your superannuation
  • looking to earn more on your savings than just the bank interest
  • concerned about how your family will survive should anything happen to you
  • nearing retirement but are not sure how long your savings will last once you stop working
  • about to retire, still have debts and need to know whether you’d be able to repay them
  • confused about Centrelink and whether you’re eligible for any benefits and how to obtain and maximise them
  • trying to figure out home care and aged care and are concerned about the associated costs and how to reduce them while maximising your Centrelink benefits
  • seeking advice about the pros and cons of living in retirement lifestyle villages
  • seeking advice about granny flat interests

Aside from her own personal dealings with financial institutions, aged care facilities, and government services such as Centrelink, Ann has helped many women who were going through separation and divorce. She points them in the right direction and connects them with Family Court lawyers and child support and estate planning specialists. For some matters, including Centrelink affairs, you may nominate Ann to act on your behalf.

Ann’s Story

Early Career

Ann was born in Perth and grew up in Riverton. She commenced her career in the financial services industry in December 1985 when she joined the AMP Society on the Terrace in Perth. During her time at AMP, Ann worked in a variety of divisions dealing with investment, superannuation and rollover products and policies, whole-of-life policies and term life policies. She also completed a Total Quality Management workshop, which has been instilled in her to this day and has been helping her to commit to only deliver high-quality advice and solutions to her clients! Due to the centralisation of AMP’s operations to Sydney and Melbourne, in October 1992 Ann received her first redundancy package.

A month later, Ann walked across the Terrace and started working for AMP’s biggest competitor, National Mutual, on a temporary full-time contract. There, she worked in the New Business Personal Super and Corporate Super departments until she was made permanent in December 1993 and moved to a small office in Subiaco, which housed financial advisers. Ann quickly formed friendships with these advisers and was promoted from administrative work to a consultant position where she attended client meetings with the financial advisers to assist their clients with their corporate super plans.

A restructure of National Mutual in April 1997 saw Ann return to the Terrace as its state training and compliance coordinator. Her new role supported the training and compliance manager and the state manager with in-house training programs, adviser technology, compliance, co-ordinating adviser award dinners, and facilitating the accreditation of advisers with the compulsory Diploma of Financial Planning Units 1 & 2.

Another restructure of National Mutual saw the birth of AXA Australia and led to Ann receiving her second redundancy package. While looking for permanent work during December 1998, she took on a three-week assignment at AMP Bank, where she performed reception duties. In January 1999, she returned to AMP and worked closely with the business development managers to provide services to external financial advisers.

After approximately nine months, Ann was approached by the directors of Shaw Knell Financial Group, a group of AXA (ex-National Mutual) financial advisers, who wanted her to become the manager of Corporate Superannuation to service their Corporate Super clients. At first, Ann rejected their offer as she was only three months away from being granted maternity leave. However, the directors persevered and agreed to meet her requests. She left AMP in October 1999 to join Shaw Knell Financial Group.

Becoming a Financial Adviser

Ann commenced with Shaw Knell Financial Group in November 1999 as the manager of Corporate Superannuation, where she also became a financial adviser for the first time. As a financial adviser, she would meet with the staff of her Corporate Super clients to advise them on their investment options and insurance options within their employer funds. She was also responsible for meeting with employees to ensure that their insurance and investment arrangements continued after leaving their employer and to provide further advice to meet their objectives.

During her time at Shaw Knell, Ann witnessed Shaw Knell and another firm merge to become Sage Financial Group and then the subsequent de-merger that resulted in Shaw Knell becoming SKFG Financial Group and the other firm keeping the Sage Financial Group name. It was also during this time that Ann’s father passed away, her daughter was born, and then her marriage broke down—all in a space of seven months in 2002. That’s when Ann became a single parent and had her first personal experience with Centrelink, child support, legal aid, the Family Court and the Court of Petty Sessions while battling her ex-husband for custody of their daughter.

Ann continued to work for SKFG Financial Group while bringing up her daughter on her own. In September 2005, she became their paraplanner. She prepared strategies to help clients achieve their financial goals. It was this experience that would see Ann help her clients in all areas of financial planning until she left SKFG Financial Group in September 2007. During her time with them, she also completed the Diploma of Financial Planning Units 1-7.

Ann joined Sage Financial Group in October 2007 as a paraplanner and had the opportunity to complete a personal development course, the Landmark Forum, in late 2008.  This brought a significant change in the way that she looked at her life. After years of dating, she was enjoying life. She then met her current life partner in March 2009.

As a result of the Global Financial Crisis, Ann left Sage Financial Group in August 2009. She continued working in paraplanning and strategy with small financial planning firms until August 2012 when she became a financial planner. She also completed the eighth and final unit of the Diploma of Financial Planning as well as the Cavendish Self-Managed Super Funds Accreditation course.

The Birth of Robburns

In early 2014, Ann considered starting her own financial planning firm. However, as she was building a new home, she knew that banks would not provide finance to her for at least two years if she was a newly self-employed person. So, for the next four and a half years, Ann continued working as a financial planner for other firms with the dream of starting her own firm always in the back of her mind.

Frustrated with working for firms that wanted to be big with the focus on sourcing new clients and sacrificing the quality of services provided to existing clients, Ann commenced setting up Robburns Financial Services in mid-2018 to finally achieve her dream of providing quality advice and services to all her clients. From the day that she launched her business, she has been assisting her clients to develop and implement strategies to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals, so that they enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

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